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Eric has an impressive track record in the area of corporate communications and media, which makes his training very effective and relevant.

He is result-oriented and adjusts to the needs of his audience. I can highly recommend him as a trainer on communications topics, including media training, preparation of presentations, and speeches.

Jean-Jacques Henchoz
CEO, Reinsurance EMEA
Swiss Re

When it comes to using proven techniques to simplify complex messages, Eric’s teaching is unique and second to none.

When I deliver presentations, I often have people come up to me and say that it was the first time they understood what was being said. I didn't overload them with information.

I have come to the conclusion that no one teaches more effective use of visual aids than Eric Bergman. No one teaches better use of notes than Eric Bergman. No one teaches the importance of silence like Eric Bergman.

Eric’s presentation skills training has provided me with simple truths that I use every day and that help me teach others.

Dave Peters
Senior Vice President
Walton International Group Inc.

I've had the privilege of working with Eric Bergman for many years now. He is the best I've seen and has elevated media training to an entirely new level.

He custom tailors each session to his audience, learns your business and has led an international movement away from the flawed strategy of 'staying on message' that erodes credibility.

He literally wrote the book on media training best practices and had the vision to guide our industry towards a new era of trust, collaboration and relationship building long before social media had arrived.

Heath Applebaum, ABC, MCM
Reputation Consultant, Professor, Speaker

Ethics in communication is a topic that often vexes even the most experienced communicator, and Eric has developed a very practical workshop on applying ethics and transparency to your organizational communication and becoming a “conscience counsellor” to senior leadership. He commands a dynamic presentation style, leaving his audience energized and well-equipped to tackle tough questions.

Christine Nyirjesy Bragale, ABC
Director of Media Relations
Mercy Corps

I have attended many presentation skills programs over the course of my career and quite frankly found Eric Bergman's program to be far and away the most effective at delivering results.

At business meetings and on sales calls, Present With Ease has made me a better communicator, and a more successful salesperson.

John D'Amato
Regional Vice President
RBC Wealth Management

The online media training format encourages people to be active and engaged listeners with greater attention than otherwise might be possible by passively listening to a presentation.

It gives people the sense that there is content to be mastered here, which makes the learning process more worthwhile. You get something at the end when you score 45/50 on the quizzes and earn your Certificate of Completion.

Carol Kushner
Author, Highly Experienced Spokesperson

Media relations is something that I do in my job periodically. However, regardless of how infrequent it may be it is important to have an understanding of ALL of the elements of effective media relations.

As a media training program, At Ease With the Media does an excellent job of balancing these elements in a way that does not make you feel overwhelmed and allows you to come away with a much better sense of all of the aspects good media relations.

This program was time well spent.

Steven Van Alstine
The Canadian Payroll Association

Early in my career Eric trained me in public speaking. Several times, as I have moved up in the financial planning business, I have referred my reps to him when they needed help with their presentation skills.

I have dealt with several consultants in this area — for one-on-one training, for small groups and large — and Eric has delivered the best and most consistent results.

Sean Wagman
RBC Financial Group

I’ve known Eric for many years, and have tremendous respect for his deep knowledge and skill in presentation and media training.

Several years ago, I brought him in to help strengthen the presentation skills of the senior consulting team of my employer at the time. His training sessions were well focused, both on developing and polishing the team’s presentation skills, and on the business-building goals that were the underlying need.

Eric’s work with the team boosted their confidence and energy, and it’s given them a key tool that’s ultimately led to a number of business development successes.

Eric is not only a great consultant, he’s fun to work with.

Gerry Chiasson
Senior Communication Strategist
Eckler Partners

I consider Eric to be one of the world's thought leaders in the area of media relations and his presentations show his foresight and understanding of this changing world for business communicators.

Eric is an excellent speaker who I would unequivocally recommend to anyone who is looking for an interesting and relevant presenter for a meeting, conference or business event.

Camille Downing
Associate Professor
Point Park University

Eric is a top notch communicator who employs very effective techniques and produces tangible improvements for his clients. He significantly improved my communications and presentation skills and taught me techniques that I continue to use today.

Maneesh Mehta
The Black Box Institute

Early in my career I had the opportunity to participate in Eric's media training and I continue to use the principles he taught me. Since then, I have taken other "courses" but I always default to what he taught me. His common sense, personable approach, candid feedback and practical tips have been instrumental to my ability to convey my thoughts and ideas in the media, and in the numerous presentations I've had to deliver throughout my career.

Crista Renner
Social & Service Business Advisor
University of Waterloo

We've had a great deal of success working with Eric Bergman and his approach in the past. The content models he uses have saved our speaker teams countless hours in developing the information for our roadshows, and his advice on delivering that information has improved the learning process for participants.

When we roll out a roadshow, we want content that is focused on specific information that emergency physicians can use to improve their practice. We also want the seminars to be interesting, interactive and a positive learning experience. We've found that Eric's program helps us achieve both objectives.

Vera Klein
Canadian Association of
Emergency Physicians

I always say that if I walk away from a session having put something in my pocket that I can use later, it was a success. After participating in media training with Eric, my pockets were full.

Alison LaMantia
Manager of Communications
Simcoe County District School Board

We hired Eric to do presentation training. He has a unique and very pragmatic approach to helping people hone their presentation skills, which allows them to focus on the main elements, and not the "noise".

We have used this approach in our meetings and it has been very successful; our clients like our focussed approach.

I highly recommend Eric for any corporate presentation skills or media training needs. Your clients will appreciate the results!

Leanne Burkholder
Senior Manager, Communications
Ministry of Finance

I have worked closely with Eric for years and know him well both professionally and socially. From a professional standpoint, I can not say enough about his acumen, abilities and insights relating to the matter of presentation management and public speaking. Eric's methodology and coaching style are great assets and motivators to teams and individuals. Eric has shown a wide range of valuable and creative expertise.

I can speak to this from an objective business perspective, having done presentations for over 25 years, Eric is always able to bring a fresh approach to getting my core message matched to the presentation medium and target audience. He offered excellent advice and assistance along the way and we truly felt like we were partners in the process.

I recommend Eric Bergman highly to anyone!

Rein Vares
Senior Project Manager
Ministry of Government Services

I have utilized Eric's presentation skills services and recommend him. He provided practical and quick to implement skills to enhance my presentations. The support tool provided serves as an ongoing valuable reference.

Joe Willis
Customer Relations/Healthcare Sales
Bayshore Health Care

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