Media training via Skype

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Anywhere. Any time. Excellent value. Proven results.

The world
Our innovative media training approach via Skype (or teleconference) is an excellent solution for providing media training to virtually any geographic area on the planet. Best of all, no travel is required.

´┐╝Your spokespeople gain theory through our structured, disciplined online program—consisting of 10 audio-visual modules varying in length from four to 13 minutes. Each module has a five-question multiple-choice quiz. When they earn a combined score of 45/50 on the quizzes, your spokespeople earn a Certificate of Completion for the program.

This provides you with certainty that they’ve incorporated the theory and they’re taking the process seriously.

Once they complete the online program, your spokespeople participate in a two- to three-hour structured program via Skype (or teleconference), either individually or in groups of two. The training encompasses four rounds of practice interviews, two for print and two for broadcast. Each interview is recorded; portions are played back. Feedback is provided.

Whether you’re promoting a product or service, or you need to prepare for an issue or crisis, this program is a proven, cost-effective alternative to preparing spokespeople effectively.

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