Better relationships with journalists
Better outcomes for your organization

Spokesperson in a media training scrum in Toronto
Unlike traditional media training, which encourages spokespeople to repeatedly blow their own horn, At Ease With the Media provides a wider range of skills.

Spokespeople learn to manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes—helping to generate clear, accurate stories on one side while advancing business objectives on the other.

Spokespeople gain the skills to manage the twists and turns that inevitably occur during interviews. They learn to use interviews as a springboard to influence the attitudes, opinions and behaviour of specific audiences. They know the value of using interviews to supporting business and communication objectives.

Above all, At Ease With the Media teaches spokespeople to protect themselves and their organization at all times. They gain a series of proprietary defensive strategies, first of which is to learn when and how to stop talking as a primary skill. Less talking equals less context.

Less context equals less risk of being quoted out of context.

If you’re interested in the most unique and effective media training program on the market today, contact Eric. He’d love to put your spokespeople At Ease With the Media.
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