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When it comes to media training,
practice makes perfect

With its unique blend of online and in-person training, At Ease With the Media provides spokespeople with strong theory and more practice opportunities than any other program on the market. Participants learn to manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes, while mitigating risk every step of the way.

Most clients begin by accessing our unique online media training program, which transfers our proprietary media training theory to an interactive, online format. More than 1,500 people have earned Certificates of Completion in English and French, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
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After the online program, the emphasis is on in-person training, which can take a variety of forms—full-day workshops, half-day workshops, one-on-one coaching, or training via teleconference or Skype.

Ideally, each participant goes through four rounds of practice interviews—two for print purposes and two for broadcast. With a group of eight, each person will be interviewed all four times.

More practice equals better outcomes for spokespeople and their advisors. Participants learn to answer questions effectively and obtain a strategic gain for their organization. Above all, they learn to protect themselves and their organization at all times by understanding what they can control.

If you’re interested in the most unique and effective media training program on the market, contact us. We'd love to put your spokespeople At Ease With the Media.
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