Emergency Preparedness 2.0

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Preparing senior management teams for times of stress

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This program is designed to take emergency preparedness to the next level by preparing senior management teams for issues that rise to the surface as a result of an emergency or crisis. This session is conducted over a full day and has two components.

The first is a facilitated exercise in which the senior leadership team is taken through a series of decision-making tools (the polarization model, the strategic issues management model, and others) to manage a challenging issue that could potentially affect them all and negatively impact the organization’s reputation.

The second is for select members of the senior leadership team to defend the group’s decision-making by answering questions about the issue during mock interviews with journalists, and other forms of question-and-answer sessions.

The process begins by working with the emergency preparedness team to develop a scenario with long-term implications that require the organization’s executives to become directly involved.

The educational goal for this session, therefore, is to provide the senior leadership team with the processes and tools to protect the organization’s reputation during times of stress. The training will help define the transparency line for the institution that best maintains and builds trust. It will help identify the types of questions that can and should be answered about the issue, and which questions cannot be answered because of legitimate privacy (or other) concerns.

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