Emergency Physicians Choose an
Effective Combination of Content & Delivery

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The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) hired Eric Bergman this past September to help a committee of medical professionals from across the country develop the content for a full-day seminar on treating paediatric patients.

The seminar is designed to help emergency physicians treat their younger patients more effectively, and it will become a "Roadshow" that travels across much of Canada, beginning in the third quarter of this year.

"We've had a great deal of success working with Eric Bergman and his approach in the past," says Vera Klein, CAEP's Coordinator of Continuing Medical Education. "The content models he uses have saved our speaker teams countless hours in developing the information for our roadshows, and his advice on delivering that information has improved the learning process for participants."

Bergman spent two full days with the committee. The first was devoted to developing content. A comprehensive outline was completed that will be filled in with research by the committee of physicians over the following six to eight months. The group spent the second day honing their communication and delivery skills in a one-day version of Bergman's presentation skills program, Presenting With Ease.

"When we roll out this Paediatric Roadshow, we want content that is focused on specific information that emergency physicians can use to improve their practice," says Klein. "We also want the seminars to be interesting, interactive and a positive learning experience. We've found that Eric's program helps us achieve both objectives."
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