Thought leading, not thought following

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    In 108 easy-to-read pages,The Engaging Public Participation Presentation takes readers through a step-by-step process to create conversational presentations that enhance engagement, understanding and support.

    Readers learn the value of delivering their presentations conversationally, regardless of the formality of the situation or the size of the audience. They learn it’s much more valuable to use visuals as an aid, than a crutch. And they understand why answering questions is truly the secret ingredient to delivering engaging presentations that directly support business and communication objectives.

    While it was written to support the values of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), the lessons here can improve every presentation—from sales presentation to keynote address.

    If you'd like to develop interesting, relevant presentations that have your audiences leaning in for more, this book was written for you.

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  • The Presenter’s Toolbox provides a series of models to develop clear, concise content for virtually any type of presentation.

    The toolbox is constructed on the assumption that the best approach to creating any presentation is to develop slides last, not first, in the content development process. Because various iterations of this resource have been part of Eric’s presentation skills training for more than 20 years, he is confident that those who use these tools will save time and ultimately improve their effectiveness.

    The toolbox assists presenters with shaping their strategy and developing clear, compelling content. They’ll shift their resources—their time—from spending hours putting slides together to focusing on audience needs and strengthening their strategic focus. And, because they’ll probably use fewer slides during presentations, presenters will increase the chances of achieving their personal, professional and/or business objectives.

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    Originally developed to support Eric Bergman’s media training program, At Ease With the Media is a guide to help spokespeople manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes.

    The book begins by explaining that excellence in media relations is based on balance. On one side, spokespeople want to help journalists by answering questions in clear, concise terms. On the other, spokespeople want to achieve a strategic gain—by using the exchange to influence the attitudes, opinions and behaviour of specifically-identifiable audiences important to the organization's success.

    Along the way, spokespeople want to protect themselves and their organization at all times.

    During the past 20 years, At Ease With the Media has helped thousands of spokespeople from five continents hone their skills in managing exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes, while protecting themselves and their organization at all times.

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  • 5 Steps to Conquer ‘Death by PowerPoint’ does not provide insight into slide design. As Forbes reviewer Roger Dooley put it: “Instead of teaching his readers how to make better slides, Bergman focuses on better communication with the audience. 5 Steps to Conquer ‘Death by PowerPoint’ proved to be worth the read.”

    The foreword is written by John Sweller, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Education, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Professor Sweller is one of the world’s leading cognitive scientists. He has dedicated his life to better understanding how humans process information to learn and understand. He writes:

    “The recommendations in this book reflect much more than the personal views of one author, albeit a very knowledgeable one. The various recommendations Eric Bergman makes are based on strong research evidence he has brilliantly applied to the art of presenting information to a live audience.

    “The strong research base that underpins this book provides reassurance that the recommended techniques have been tested and actually do work in a variety of contexts. Readers should try these recommendations for themselves.

    “Eric Bergman’s techniques are a window to the future of this important human activity.”

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    Media Training With Excellence: A Balanced Approach was published in 2006 by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). It was developed as a “train-the-trainer” guide for media training and was very well received by a global audience of professional communicators and public relations practitioners.

    The book is divided into three sections.

    The first discusses the underlying logic of a balanced approach versus the paradigm of constantly bridging to messages. It makes the case that, because it’s constructed on a foundation of two-way symmetrical communication, a balanced approach is more transparent, ethical and effective.

    The second section discusses training and coaching insights under the heading “Teaching the Theory Effectively.” It provides insights into a range of skills that will help media relations practitioners become better facilitators and coaches.

    The third section provides direct insight into conducting an effective media training program, from imparting theory to conducting four specific rounds of print and broadcast interviews to prepare spokespeople effectively.

    In 2013, IABC exited the publishing business and Eric Bergman acquired all rights to Media Training With Excellence. He now shares it with his clients who are interested in developing a “train-the-trainer” program of their own, using his online program as their base.

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